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Mini Protein Containers

Mini Protein Containers

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Your portable companion for on the go!

With its compact and portable design, this container is ideal for outdoor activities, gym, travel and more. You can easily store and transport your protein powders, nutritional supplements or other powdered substances in it.

The mini protein container is made of high-quality material and keeps the contents securely closed. The integrated whey keychain allows you to conveniently attach the container to your bag or key chain. With the Health Funnel you have a practical solution for filling the powder into the container cleanly and easily without spilling.
This container is suitable not only for protein shakes, but also for other powdered substances such as dietary supplements, vitamins, spices or even small snacks. The Medicine Box offers additional space for medicines or small items that you need on the go. The mini protein container is perfect for drinking enough liquid on the go.

Enjoy the benefits:
  • Compact and portable design for on-the-go use
  • Robust material for safe storage
  • Integrated whey keychain for convenient carrying
  • Health funnel for easy filling
  • Versatile uses for various powdered substances
  • Additional space in the Medicine Box for medication or small items
  • Small Water Cup for sufficient hydration
Get the FitFuel Mini protein container now and experience the freedom of having your sports nutrition with you everywhere!
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