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Hand pads boxing gloves

Hand pads boxing gloves

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Hand pads boxing gloves: Maximize your training results!

Experience the ultimate training experience with the hand pad boxing gloves. These high-quality target pads are perfect for kickboxing, boxing, karate and other martial arts and offer you optimal support and protection during training.

Maximum Performance:
The boxing gloves enable you to have an intensive and effective training by giving you the opportunity to place punches and kicks precisely. With their ergonomic shape and high-quality leather, they offer a comfortable fit and long durability.

Precision and Target Acquisition:
The target pads are equipped with special target areas to improve your punching and kicking techniques. They offer an optimal surface for precise target acquisition and help you perfect your technique and speed.

Protection and safety:
The hand guard boxing gloves are equipped with shock-absorbing padding to protect your hands and wrists from injuries. They offer a secure and comfortable fit so you can concentrate on your training.


  • High quality leather for comfort and durability
  • Ergonomic shape for a comfortable fit
  • Target surfaces to improve precision and technique
  • Shock-absorbing padding for protection and safety of hands and wrists

Take your training to a new level with the hand pad boxing gloves!

Order now and experience the benefits of precise target acquisition, optimal support and protection. Get ready to improve your martial arts skills and achieve your goals!

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