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Aqua aerobics dumbbell

Aqua aerobics dumbbell

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Train in the water like a pro!

Experience an effective and fun workout in the water with the Aqua Fitness dumbbells! These dumbbells, specially developed for water aerobics, are perfect for your aqua fitness program. With their ergonomic design and elastic barbell technology, they offer you a variety of exercise options to improve your strength and endurance.

Water and yoga:

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and well-being with the Aqua Fitness dumbbells. They are not only suitable for strength training, but also for aqua yoga exercises in the pool. Take your yoga practice to a new level as you float gently in the water while strengthening your muscles.

Waterproof training:

The Aqua Fitness dumbbells are made from high quality, waterproof EVA material that ensures durability and buoyancy. Whether in the pool, in the sea or in the lake - they always remain on the surface of the water and enable effortless training without restrictions.


  • Specially developed for aqua fitness
  • Ergonomic design and elastic barbell technology for versatile exercise options
  • High quality and waterproof EVA material for durability and buoyancy
  • Perfect for aqua fitness classes, swimming training and rehabilitation

Increase your strength and flexibility in the water and enjoy the benefits of a holistic workout.

Get your Aqua Fitness dumbbells today and get ready for a refreshing workout in the water!

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