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 Do you want an effective and versatile training device that improves your fitness and at the same time provides a soothing massage?

The FlexiRoll is the answer.

With its EVA foam shaft, it is perfect for yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and muscle training. Whether you want to strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility or just relax, the FlexiRoll offers you a wide range of exercises and benefits for a holistic fitness experience.

The FlexiRoll allows you to train your muscles while enjoying an effective massage. Its soft yet durable foam provides comfortable support for exercises such as back rolls, leg raises and core training. At the same time, the FlexiRoll gently massages your muscles and promotes blood circulation to reduce tension and muscle soreness.

Ready to take your training to a new level and pamper your muscles? Order your own FlexiRoll now and experience the versatility and benefits of this fitness roller.

Advantages of the FlexiRoll:

  • Versatile training device for yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and muscle training
  • Supports effective exercises and promotes muscle relaxation
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for on the go
  • Made from high quality EVA foam for long durability and dimensional stability
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